Thinking & Writing

- Seeing the example of how wiki can be used for things such as camping trips (keeping an updated list of needs) was very interesting and pertinent to my annual Cape Cod trip with my family. Each year we make the same list, but inevitably overlap due to lack of communication. This is not a big deal, but such situations would certainly benefit from a perpetually updating tool such as wiki.
- As far as this tool's impact on this school and/or the Thinking and Writing department, I currently see the benefits directed towards the teachers. If the students could actually be counted on to stay on top of their work and tools like wiki, it would be fantastic, but seems unrealistic at the moment (perhaps because I'm rushing this blog and can't think of anything good). For teachers, though, this would be a great tool for helping each other stay updated on what each class is doing, and illustrating how each class is progressing. I will provide examples at a later date when I have a bit more time.