Design TechnologyMarch Break Project
Students in Design Technology need to practice the cooking skills, therefore they will be required to cook three different items, all of which are types of dessert or a healthy snack. Students will follow the recipes provided. Then students will need to have their family members or friends use the attached evaluation sheet to evaluate the item. Students will then be required to follow the direction to set up a survey in Google Survey and have their family members practice evaluating the food item. The survey must be shared with Mrs. Boyer in order to get full credit.

After each item is created students must explain why certain ingredients must be blended together first before adding the next ingredient. The students must pull knowledge they learned from the unit on the Chemistry of Food.

What to do:
1. Make three different desserts or snacks using the recipe’s included.
2. Create a survey on Google Survey and have family or friends evaluate the item. Use the survey included as a model.
3. Mrs. Boyer must be shared on the survey for credit
4. Write a reflection of the experience after each item is created.
5. Answer a set of questions, (included) about why certain ingredients must be blended first before adding another ingredient. Apply what the students learned from the chemistry of food.
6. Choose your final recipe for your project and create a bibliography using NoodleTools. Share item with Mrs. Boyer.
7. Continue to practice using by placing all completed work in the folder for student work.

We used Wiki's as our first digital homework posting pages, created by Sara K-M. I really enjoyed making the page my own and had a great time adding animations and various other cartoons. I also add wonderful pictures and opportunities for students to earn extra credit. I made my page interesting so students would be more motivated to keep going there in order to get homework as well as extra credit. I keep forgetting about using wiki's. Perhaps that is what I will use for teachers to check out MacBooks from the cart. I will have to give it a try.