The only experience I have with wiki's is when we used them my first year at Forman to create our class webpages. Honestly, I was not thrilled with my experience, as I found them difficult to format and I knew there was a better way of updating my classes as to the homework assignments, syllabus, and other important documents. Thus, Whipple Hill was born.

However, I think wikis may be useful in other capacities. It seemed to work well for winterim, when you have multiple people trying to post to one site or share ideas. I'm sure it would be effective for a family trying to share information and/or pictures if they lived a distance away. In terms of education, I think a wiki would be effective for certain projects or units taught in class. While, I don't see myself using a wiki in the near future for my mathematics classes, I do see how it could be effective in terms of the book clubs over March Break. It would be a great way for a group to discuss a book in an open forum.