Learning Center

- I can see how this would be useful for us. Each of us could choose a strategy and make all the necessary paperwork or other things needed that is not provided in the books. If for example one of us finds or creates paperwork that could be used for that strategy, we can add it in. Also think of all the paper we can save!

The wiki idea can be useful as a checklist for what we are doing in our classes; like a rewards chart for the teachers. We can use it as a sounding board too. We can ask questions or post what is working for us that might work for someone else. This seems like a useful tool we should explore it more.

I agree with the comments listed above. It could be a great way that the Learning Specialists share information. We do this informally here and there, but having it all on one page would be awesome. We could also use it to list which KU strategies each student is learning.